The pre-existence: a bar serving a live local market frequented daily between 8.00 and 13.00 with the locals Vanchiglia in Turin. The goal: to create a versatile room that can accommodate not only the regulars in the market but also the young audience that is found in this bustling pedestrian area for lunch, have a drink and socialize. The client required a restyling based mainly on the recovery and transformation of what already existed within the room in order to make it more bright and comfortable. The first operation has been to transform two windows in doors windows in order to improve the communication between the interior of the room and the exterior space that accommodates the outdoor area. The old counter was almost fully recovered but has been rotated about 15 degrees in order to optimize the operating space by redefining the relationship between the bench and dining area. Action was taken on the existing environments while avoiding complete reconstruction of floors and walls. The inclusion of a blue enamel band of about 1 m is the leitmotif of the local league with bench, rear bench, halls and toilets. A new lighting system based on fabric cords that run along exterior walls and ceilings existing and bare light bulbs has allowed us to create a strong synergy between the lighting and graphics wall expertly performed by TO / LET and illuminate the versatile environments of the bar according to the different hours of the day.

Client: Stefano Toscano, Emanuele Zaniboni

Category: Architecture