La Castiglia


The architects Giorgio and Domenico Gazzera Racca, of Area_progetti, along with the design team coordinated by architect Marco Dezzi ¬†Bardeschi conducted a meticulous preservation of material traces that have marked the history of the centuries-old complex: those dating back to the marquis’s castle, to those belonging to the latest phase of the prison, as the walkway outside with metal watchtowers. The extraordinary architectural palimpsest has been enhanced by maintaining and leaving to live everything that is layered over time on walls and structures, delivering an organism still alive, where the variety of historic signs not only has not been canceled, but has become the main figure ?? of redevelopment. The new functions cultural and recreational activities, and with them the new presence technology have become ¬†also the opportunity to add new facilities, such as power technology and new stairs, with their presence and evidence, manifested by an architectural language and not current mimetic, help to enliven and make more accessible to citizens a monumental complex has always been characterized by closure to the rest of the city.

Client: Area Progetti

Category: Architecture