Palazzo Chiapponi


Within the complete restoration of a stately seventeenth-century palace in the historic center of Piacenza, PAT was involved in the recovery, construction and furnishing of a large apartment of about 300 square meters on the first floor.
The changing needs of contemporary life and the will of programmatic differentiate the old and the new in order to perform a proper reading of the artifacts and the different layers have directed the design philosophy to the methodology of integrative restoration. We recovered and put in value the historical elements existing (local, frescoes, doors, …) to which we have added new functional elements, differentiating them by building techniques and materials. It ‘an opportunity to carry out, on a small scale, some of the concepts that we’ve got to deal with in some contests. In the rooms, to take advantage of the great height, fit new mezzanine floors and corrugated sheet steel beams painted white, positioned so as not to break the windows or alter the reading of the original space. New volumes containing toilet and laundry are made as independent box covered in leather. Did not deliberately tried mimicry with the existing building structure, rather than moving within the furniture.

Client: Pat Architetti

Category: Architecture