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La Tana della Tigre

  Rebuilding a private apartment in Turin

CHP Office

CHP, interior design of an office in a historic building from the 1800.


The loft with terrace on the street Regaldi fund is the seat of Bellissimo since 2000. The settlement of our study recovered to a productive use of building: for luggage […]

Private apartment

A private apartment renovated creating new spaces with new materials such as metal.

Casa di Fra

Restructuring a little attic in Turin.

OBA Architetti

the mall “Passengers” Avigliana, designed by Oscar Battagliotti and his team of architects.

Olympic Swimming pool

Built together at the Stadio Comunale for the Games Littoriali 1933, the pool monumental Corso Galileo Ferraris, an important example of rationalist architecture, has been restored as part of the […]

Less is more

The building with a rectangular plan of 5.5 m to 10.5 m, characterized by three arias and a good 8 windows and located at the ‘top floor of a building […]

Torino Modern

This collection of images is part of an investigation into the Savoy modernism in architecture in the city of Turin, was done in collaboration with Arch. Andrea Veglia.

Fineco Aosta

Fineco new directional center in Aosta Valley, a project curated by Paolo Thiebat architect.